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10m Dome Range

The Regal Retreat: Embodying Grandeur, Luxury, and Spaciousness in Glamping

Quick Specs

useful specs for our 10m Dome Range
5 Metres

Height at its peak

4-6 days

Estimated Build Time


Approximate Weight


Interior Floorspace


Our 10m King Dome, providing a generous 78.6m² of space, is the ultimate glamping experience. This dome is perfect for larger families or groups, or those who wish to enjoy a luxurious experience without sacrificing the unique charm of dome living.

Feel & Vibe

The 10m King Dome exudes a sense of luxury and grandeur. With multiple bedrooms, a larger bathroom, a full kitchen, and a spacious lounge area, this dome feels like a well-appointed home. However, the rounded walls and ceiling of the dome still create a unique, otherworldly atmosphere that sets it apart from traditional housing.

What can the 10m fit?

With a boastful 261m³ of interior space, we compare this size to a 2 bedroom luxury apartment. There isn’t too much that it can’t fit really.


The 10m dome offers the highest level of comfort and convenience among the dome sizes. Its large size can accommodate multiple bedrooms and spacious common areas. It's also suitable for more luxurious amenities such as a larger kitchen and bathroom or even a hot tub.


The 10m dome is the most expensive to build, maintain, and heat. Its larger footprint also requires a spacious site, which might not be available in all locations. Despite its spaciousness, some might find it less cosy than smaller domes.

Con to Pro

To make the most of a 10m dome, consider it as a unique venue for events like retreats or workshops, or even as a luxury rental. For the issue of cosiness, similar to the 8m dome, use furniture and design elements to create smaller, intimate spaces within the larger dome. The spacious site required for a 10m dome also means you'll have more space to create an impressive outdoor area, enhancing the overall appeal of the glamping site.

The Regal Retreat: Embodying Grandeur, Luxury, and Spaciousness in Glamping

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