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6m Dome Range

The Happy Medium: Not Too Big, Not Too Small, Just the Right Dose of Luxury

Quick Specs

useful specs for our 6m Dome Range
3 Metres

Height at its peak

2-4 days

Estimated Build Time


Approximate Weight


Interior Floorspace


Our 6m King Dome, with 28.3m² of space, is a step up in size and amenities from the 5m dome. This dome is versatile enough to cater to different glamping needs, offering a balance of comfort and functionality.

Feel & Vibe

The 6m King Dome gives off a vibe of compact efficiency. It's cosy, but also provides enough room to add an element of luxury such as an en-suite bathroom or a kitchenete. This size maintains the intimate feel of the smaller dome but with a touch more comfort and convenience.

What can the 6m fit?

A 6m King Dome can fit a queen/king bed with side tables, 2 person seating area with coffee table, fireplace, storage space and either a kitchenete or en-suite.


This size is still quite economical, yet provides more room for amenities. It offers a balance between affordability and comfort. A 6m dome is large enough to accommodate a couple or a young family, making it a versatile option for different types of glampers.


While offering more room, a 6m dome can still feel a bit cramped if you try to include too many amenities or accommodate too many people. It's ideal for couples but could be tight for larger groups.

Con to Pro

Strategic planning and design can help make the most of the available space in a 6m dome. For instance, instead of a full bathroom, a compact wet room might be an option. Similarly, a kitchenete could be designed to take up as litle space as possible with careful placement of appliances and storage areas. We have found that guests would prefer to have an en-suite inside the dome so an outdoor cooking facility would be beneficial in this scenario.

The Happy Medium: Not Too Big, Not Too Small, Just the Right Dose of Luxury

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