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7m Dome Range

The Spacious Sanctuary: Bringing Home-like Comfort to the Great Outdoors

Quick Specs

useful specs for our 7m Dome Range
4 Metres

Height at its peak

3-5 days

Estimated Build Time


Approximate Weight


Interior Floorspace


The 7m King Dome, with 38.5m² of space, leans more towards comfort and spaciousness. It is ideal for couples, small families or friends who desire separate sleeping areas and a few extra amenities.

Feel & Vibe

With a 7m King Dome, you start to feel like you're in a home away from home. There's a sense of luxury, with room for private sleeping areas, a kitchenete, and a bathroom. The larger space allows for beter separation between different areas, promoting a feeling of privacy and comfort.

What can the 7m fit?

The 7m is the perfect ‘all-round’ self-contained glamping accommodation. With the ability to fit a bedroom space, kitchenete, en-suite, seating area, fireplace and potentially a 2-person dining table. There is enough roof height if you want to go up as well and add a 2nd bedroom upstairs. This is thanks to our 7m being 4m tall.


The 7m King Dome is versatile and spacious, offering separate sleeping and living areas. It can accommodate a small family or a group of friends with relative comfort. Or, for most of our clients, a high-end couples glamping luxury. The extra space allows for more customization and personalization. We say that the 7m is the perfect “true glamping style” size, offering all the luxury amenities while still immersed in the natural surroundings in a cosy vibe.


As the dome size increases, so does the cost and maintenance. Also, larger domes may be harder to heat efficiently in colder weather, requiring a larger heater, fireplace or A/C unit. The other cons depends on the scale you would like the kitchen and bathroom to be. If a full kitchen and bathroom and kitchen rather than an en-suite and kitchenete, then consider an 8 or even 10m King Dome.

Con to Pro

You might want to invest in energy-efficient appliances and lighting to help cut down on ongoing expenses and energy consumption (especially when off-grid). Regular maintenance checks can also prevent larger issues and costs down the line. As for the initial building cost, remember that this is an investment in comfort and space, which can enhance the overall glamping experience and potentially draw more interest if you're renting it out. You buy a glamping dome for the high ROI and uniqueness that it brings, ensuring that you stand out from the crowd.

The Spacious Sanctuary: Bringing Home-like Comfort to the Great Outdoors

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