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8m Dome Range

The Grand Glamper: For Those Who Desire Space, Comfort, and a Touch of Luxury

Quick Specs

useful specs for our 8m Dome Range
4.7 Metres

Height at its peak

3-6 days

Estimated Build Time


Approximate Weight


Interior Floorspace


The 8m King Dome, offering 50.4m² of interior floor space, is for the more high-end glamper. This dome size can comfortably house all the essentials for a longer stay, providing an experience that combines the joys of camping with the comforts of home.

Feel & Vibe

The 8m King Dome delivers a feel of spaciousness and comfort, with a touch of luxury. You can have separate areas for sleeping, cooking, and lounging, making it feel like a compact home. The vibe is upscale, with a focus on comfort and convenience, but it still retains the unique charm of a dome structure.

What can the 8m fit?

Basically everything that can fit in the 7m can fit in the 8m but bigger and better. A mezzanine or loft space can be built quite comfortably into an 8m King Dome which expands the already large floor space without compromising on the ambience of a 4.7m tall structure.


This dome offers enough room for multiple bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a comfortable lounge area. The larger space allows for flexibility in layout and design. It's also suitable for longer stays and families or small groups. Couples accommodation is still definitely doable with a larger array of luxuries surrounding them.


The 8m dome is more expensive to build, maintain, and heat. Its larger footprint also requires a more spacious site. Additionally, it might provide more space than necessary for couples, and may lose a bit of the intimate feel of smaller domes.

Con to Pro

One way to offset the higher costs of an 8m King Dome is to configure and market it to larger groups (3-6 people) or as the ultimate couple’s glamping accommodation. To mitigate the loss of intimacy, consider creating cosy nooks or zones within the larger space. Curtains, room dividers, or strategically placed furniture can help create more intimate spaces within the dome.

The Grand Glamper: For Those Who Desire Space, Comfort, and a Touch of Luxury

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