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Raising the bar on glamping

Kingdomes transforms underutilised rural properties into high-end, year round, glamping accommodation businesses using our premium dome structures.

  • Our domes are built to last.
  • Classified as moveable dwellings.
  • 5 year warranty on all our structures.
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Bringing the modern luxuries of the 21st century into the timeless beauty of nature in an eco-sustainable way for a better world tomorrow.

King Domes
Fast ROI

Domes have among the fastest return on investment (ROI) of any structure.

Unique Design

Stand out from the crowd with our unique domes.

Year Round Use

We fit our domes with accessories for all temperatures.

Small Eco-Footprint

We care for the environment, and we reflect that in our domes.

For Business

  • Wellness Retreats
    Yoga Studio, Meditation Space, Sound Healing
  • Corporate Events
    Networking Events, Conferences, Seminars
  • Health Centres
    Holistic Care, Gyms, Personal Training
  • Home Businesses
    Freelancer, Content-Creator
  • Celebrations
    Weddings, Birthday Party, Hens Party
  • Office Space
    Work From Home, External Workspace, File Storage

For Personal

  • Home Domes
    Couples, Families, Multi Family/Friends
  • Self-Improvement
    Home Library, Study Room, Home Gym
  • Personal Space
    Man Cave, She-Shed, Kids Play Area
  • Hobbies Room
    Music and Art, Build and Create
  • Find Yourself
    Zen Space, Chill Zone, Meditation/Yoga
  • Grow
    Home Garden, Green House, Herb Garden

Discover what our satisfied customers have to say about their experience with Kingdomes.

Attention to detail. This Aussie company lives and breathes their domes. Impressive array of sizes and interior colours to match. Mine is white and grey and the smallest on offer. Plenty of space as a separate office away from the noises of the family home. Quick and easily built by Kingdomes. Reasonably priced. Very happy. Give them a call and speak to Jesse.


I have never experienced such a highly level of genuine customer care. From the first enquiry through to aftercare. This is a team that goes above and beyond. We are looking for excuses to keep working with them. Highly recommend.


The King Domes crew a dynamic, energetic and prepared to take on every challenge and work hard at solving then - earnest, good people with good business ethics and values, they have also been an absolute pleasure to deal with.


Working with Jesse, Ash and Simon over the past year has shown me nothing but endless professionalism, dedication to the King Domes brand, and excellent service to their customers. The Product itself is without doubt, the very best, and I have championed that people could easily live in these as a house, and not just 'glamping'.


We've just purchased our first 7 metre dome & hope to buy another one before the end of the year. I was really surprised how quickly & easily we received our dome (especially given the current situation with deliveries etc)The team at Kingdomes Jesse & Simon are lovely guys, they answered all our questions very clearly so we understood the whole process entirely, they were very professional but approachable.


Master the Fine Art of Glampreneurship!

Before you ride off into the glamping sunset, wouldn’t you like a treasure map—or three—for your journey? We’ve got the golden nuggets to make you the Sultan of Glampistan, the Queen of Eco-Luxe, or the Emperor of Domeville! (Titles pending, but you get the idea!)

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  • ‘Glamping 101: 10 Pro Tips to Build Your Dream Glamping Business’ E-Book

  • ‘Stages of a King Dome Build’ E-Book

  • And other essential loot that’ll be your compass in the glamping wilderness!

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