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About Kingdomes, About

Why Kingdomes?

  • Spacious, durable, relaxing and versatile.
    Our domes are equipped to handle a multitude of uses including the options to add individual rooms such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen areas, entertainment areas etc. The only limitations to our structures are your imagination.
  • Kingdomes is raising the ceiling (literally) on glamping structures.
    With our wide range of long-lasting, high quality King Domes. Sizes range from 5 to 10 metres in diameter, with floor space of up to 78.5m². With the ability to be set up on a permanent basis thanks to its highly-durable materials and range of accessories to help keep you and your guests cosy all-year-round. Feel comfortable knowing that our domes come with a 5 year warranty.
  • Does not have to comply with the same regulations as permanent dwellings.
    Thanks to our domes being classified as temporary structures/ moveable dwellings, they have the means to be packed up and transported. This means that it does not have to comply with the same regulations as permanent dwellings, making our structures more council-friendly.

Our Team

About Kingdomes, About

Jesse Anyan

Founder & Managing Director

About Kingdomes, About

Ash Goulston

Customer Relations Manager

Message From The Founder

Nature has always been a huge fascination of mine. Whether it was a means of escape from hard times or a method of insipiration for shaping a better world tomorrow, nature has always played a key role in my decision making process. Kingdomes is no different. I have, and will continue to build Kingdomes on the 3 pillars that resignate closest to me. They are:

  • Environmental Conservation
  • Animal Welfare
  • Those Less Fortunate

As the most intelligent species on this Earth (though sometimes I have doubts), I feel as though it is our moral duty to uphold the balance of the natural world. To ensure the safety of all who reside here, both in the present and in the future. Unfortunately i see the powers at be tipping the scales toward a disasterous long term outcome for a short term (financial) gain. as humans, we need to not only reconnect with nature but to learn to live with it as a whole, to become one. This does not mean we have to get rid of the luxuries that we have all become used to and so heavily rely on, but rather adapt these luxuries to work with the natural world in a way that is sustainable indefinitely. Human beings do not need to be a plague on this Earth. With the right guidance, tools, technology and mindset, we can create a better world for tomorrow.

It can definitely be hard to change our mindset so drastically to a more sustainable way of thinking (especially when there are corporations, individuals and countries that are contributing more toward the detriment of nature than everyone else combined) but if we take moral responsibilty on a personal level then we can move mountains and make positive change. Kingdomes is my personal step toward a better world tomorrow. Kingdomes may not be perfect (and it may never be) but I will make damn sure that we keep steering this company in the right direction, to ensure myself and my team are taking positive steps in every decision we make. I will continue to use Kingdomes as a platform to voice the 3 pillars in a sustainable way to hopefully inspire others to do the same.

Jesse Anyan

About Kingdomes
Fast ROI

Domes have among the fastest return on investment (ROI) of any structure.

Unique Design

Stand out from the crowd with our unique domes.

Year Round Use

We have designed our King Domes to be comofrtable, no matter the season.

Small Eco-Footprint

We care for the environment, and we reflect that in our domes.

Where It All Started

Though we loved the idea of glamping as a whole, there were plenty of drawbacks with the bell tents themselves. You can’t really set them up permanently as the wind and rain can jeopardize the structural integrity of the tent over time. The centre pole holding up the tent was inconvenient and due to the nature of the tent it can get ridiculously hot/cold at times.

I thought there must be other glamping structures out there and so after much research I found what I was looking for . . .Geodesic Dome Structures!! They are STRONG. They are SPACIOUS. They have INSULATION. You can easily put air-conditioning or wood fire stoves in them. They are CUSTOMIZABLE. And personally I think they look so cool. Unique in shape and the windows/doors just complete the igloo look.

After researching into Australian standards and regulations, contacting multiple governing bodies, councils etc to determine this was a viable and safe structure, I decided to invest my life savings into starting Kingdomes Leisure PTY LTD. To ensure that I was preaching the truth about these structures, I decided to physically build my first display dome, landscaping and even decking to ensure that these structures were up to my specifications and quality.

For more of our backstory as well as who we are and what we want to achieve, feel free to click below for our blog post.

Who Are We?

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