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So you want to start a glamping business with glamping tents (or in our case, domes), but don’t know where to start.

Dive into the lucrative world of glamping with our King Domes – where luxury meets the great outdoors. At Kingdomes Leisure, we offer more than just high-quality domes; we provide a complete journey, guiding you from vision to reality in establishing your dream glamping business.

Starting a glamping venture is thrilling, and we’re here to make it seamless and successful. Our commitment goes beyond supplying top-tier domes; we partner with you, sharing our expertise in every aspect, from selection and customization to understanding the market and potential revenues.

With values rooted in integrity and sustainability, we’re dedicated to helping you create a haven that not only captivates your guests but also respects and enhances the natural environment.

Discover how Kingdomes Leisure can transform your vision into an enchanting glamping experience. Let’s begin this exciting journey together.

Glamping, Glamping

What size Glamping Domes are right for me?

Depending on what style of glamping and to what level of luxury you want to offer on each site, will determine a more ideal size for your guest experience. We recommend between our 5m and 7m King Dome for glamping accommodation. We will dive more into why below.


The Compact Glamper: Small in Size, Big on Charm and Affordability

The 5m King Dome, with 19.6m² floor space, is reminiscent of a cosy, intimate hideaway. This is the minimalistic glamping experience, ideal for those who prefer to spend most of their time outdoors, exploring and adventuring, but who also want a comfortable and secure place to rest at night.

5m King Dome: The Entry-Level Enchanter

“Compact Coziness, Unlimited Charm.”

Specifications: Our 5m King Dome, with its 19.6m² floor space, is the epitome of efficient, compact luxury. It’s the perfect introduction to the glamping world, where space is smartly utilized to deliver a warm, inviting retreat.

What It Can Fit: Tailored for the minimalist glamper, this dome comfortably houses a queen bed, a cozy 2-person seating area with a coffee table, and essential storage. Think of a charming, snug haven for restful nights and intimate days.

Ideal Use: This dome is your go-to for entry-level glamping or as a communal amenity hub. Its size makes it perfect for those seeking a closer connection with nature, without compromising on comfort and security. A dream for stargazers and sunrise chasers! The 5m is the perfect bridge between the simplicity of camping and the luxuries of a hotel.


Need some inspiration?

Check out some of our clients’ 5m King Dome Glamping setups



Our 6m King Dome, with 28.3m² of space, is a step up in size and amenities from the 5m dome. This dome is versatile enough to cater to different glamping needs, offering a balance of comfort and functionality.


6m King Dome: The Premium All-Rounder

“Spacious Splendor Meets Cozy Comfort.”

Specifications: The 6m King Dome steps up the game with 28.3m² of versatile space. It strikes a delightful balance between the compact charm of the 5m and the grandeur of the 7m, offering more room for luxury additions.

What It Can Fit: This dome is a canvas for your imagination – fit in a queen or king bed, a wood-fire heater for those chilly nights, and still have space for a bathroom or kitchenette. It’s designed for those who love a dash of extra comfort in their wilderness escape.

Ideal Use: Perfect for those looking for a more premium option. Whether it’s a cozy couple’s getaway or a small family adventure, the 6m dome offers that extra space and luxury, making every moment inside as memorable as the outdoor experience.


Need some inspiration?

Check out some of our clients’ 6m King Dome Glamping setups



The 7m King Dome, with 38.5m² of space, leans more towards comfort and spaciousness.  This size is the perfect self-contained, luxury glamping size. It is also ideal for families or friends who desire separate sleeping areas and a few extra amenities.


7m King Dome: The Luxurious Escape

“Self-Contained Splendor for the Ultimate Retreat.”


Specifications: The 7m King Dome is where luxury meets space, offering a generous 38.5m². It’s the crown jewel of glamping domes, designed for those who seek the ultimate in comfort and self-contained convenience.

What It Can Fit: This size is a haven of possibilities. It can effortlessly accommodate a separate bedroom, a full-fledged kitchenette, an en-suite, a seating area, and even a fireplace. The 7m height allows for adventurous designs, like a loft bedroom, making it a true luxury in the wild.

Ideal Use: It’s the quintessential choice for luxury couples’ glamping accommodation or an eco-resort stay. Verstile enough for couples, families or small groups seeking a high-end, self-contained glamping experience, it offers the comforts of home in the heart of nature.


Need some inspiration?

Check out some of our clients’ 7m King Dome Glamping setups


Example Floorplans

With 5 sizes to choose from, it may be hard to make a choice on which of Our Range works for you. The following floorplans are “to scale” plans for each of the 5 sizes we offer. These examples give you an idea as to what can fit inside.

Click on the image below to zoom into each floorplan

Where to next?

Whether you want to learn how to build a King Dome project or if you want to get creative and begin creating your own floorplans, check out the download buttons below to assist you further.

Printable plans: when viewing or printing these PDF’s, please remember to set the size to “Actual Size” to ensure the sizes are to scale with each other.

How Do I build one?

Check out our Stages of a King Dome Build Guide

Build Guide

want to be creative?

why not create your own floorplans?



Before you ride off into the glamping sunset, wouldn’t you like a treasure map—or three—for your journey? We’ve got the golden nuggets to make you the Sultan of Glampistan, the Queen of Eco-Luxe, or the Emperor of Domeville! (Titles pending, but you get the idea!)

Snag These Freemium Docs:Glamping



  • And other essential loot that’ll be your compass in the glamping wilderness!



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