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Stages of a Kingdomes Build

So you want to DIY?

Can I even Build Myself? (DIY)

With the help of friends and family, (hopefully being rewarded with beer and bbq) ABSOLUTELY!!!

Not only is it doable, we RECOMMEND IT!!! It is a very rewarding experience filled with bonding and team building. I am not going to say that the experience is blissful and easy throughout the entirety of the project but once the project is complete, you will sit back on the deck, beer in hand, with a sense of pride and achievement to wash it down.

(FYI I am not condoning the drinking of alcohol, especially while building, but it is a bloody-good feeling, I’m not going to deny)

This Guide will help you gain an understanding on the process of building a King Dome from a bare site to a luxurious glamping site.

Glamping, or glamorous camping, has gained popularity over the years as an alternative to traditional camping. It provides a comfortable and luxurious experience while still maintaining a connection to nature.

This guide will give an idea as to whether you want to tackle some (if not all) of the process yourself and also to take any of the guess work out of the entire project. Each section will provide an idea of the various construction processes and helpful tips for a successful build.

Please note that this is just general advice and we recommend using a qualified tradesperson for the various sections of the build process where necessary. Though this guide will focus on glamping, the general idea remains the same regardless of use.

We have broken down all the Stages of a King Dome Build into 6 Stages

So that you aren’t scrolling endlessly to find specific info, we will create a new page for each Stage. Feel free to scroll through the box below to find which information you are interested in.

Stage 1: Preparing Your Site

Preparing your site begins with selecting the right site for your King Dome. This is vital in ensuring the success of the following stage as well as the structural longevity, safety and comfort of your guests.

Stage 2: Connecting your Services

Proper service installation is essential for providing your guests with a comfortable and convenient glamping experience. We run through the basics of connecting eletricity, water, gas and air-conditioning.

Stage 3: Building your Foundation

When it comes to choosing the right platform for your King Dome there are 2 main options: 

  1. Decks
  2. concrete slabs

Which one is right for you?

Stage 4: Building your King Dome

Installing your King Dome is a rewarding experience. Here we outline the best way to build your King Dome to minimise any hiccups.

Stage 5: Building your Interior

This (we think) is the most important step in creating a unique glamping-style accommodation. This is where you can let your imagination run wild and to express a sense of self in a beautiful interior layout.

Stage 6: Building your Exterior

An essential part of this experience is the outdoor amenities and landscaping that surround your glamping dome. This section will delve deeper into why excellent landscaping and outdoor amenities are vital for glamping accommodation and how they elevate the overall guest experience.

quick rundown on the 6 stages