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If you want to keep your dome cool and dry in the Summer months, check out the offers from our partners.

Dehumidifer Range

Controlling the humidity inside your King Dome can be a huge bonus to ensuring the longevity and comfortability of your internals. Add to it the minimal maintenance on the cover, insulation and curtains and you have yourself a worthwhile investment in your high-end glamping site.

The pro of the outer cover being one huge piece of PVC is that it is waterproof. The downside though is that moisture can build up inside the dome if inadequate ventilation or just solid rainfall or high humidity. Opening up doors and windows can definitely help to a point but a dehumidifier running on a constant, low-voltage cycle can be a huge plus to the comfort of you and your guests.


Ahh the modern-day luxury of an Air-conditioning unit. Helping to keep you and your guests comfortable and cool in those Summer months. Though not a necessity, they are definitely a large tick on the want list for luxury glamping accommodation.

Whether you want to give you guests year-round control of air-con or prefer to opt for a portable system, we have a few solutions here for you. The following 2 choices work with our King Domes in a unique way that only curved buildings have to face (no flat walls). (Please note that we do not supply the plate that bolts the A/C to our structures).

If you are building partition walls and/or mezzanines/loft spaces, then our recommendation is to install a conventional split-system A/C unit that’ll feed through the wall, through the platform and out to your external unit.