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Ecoflo is your go-to composting toilet and waste management system solution for your King Dome.

Grey-water System

If you have a kitchen and/or a bathroom inside or next to your King Dome, then a grey-water system is vital, not only for environmental reasons, but also for local and state legislation.

A grey-water system is essentially the waste water from your basins, showers, and baths. It is not a system that connects to your toilet as this will move into black-water (septic) systems instead. This may also include your kitchen sink unless a grease trap is installed (in the next tab).

Composting Toilets

With 3 variations of composting systems available, we will outline the 3 different types and will go more in-depth below.

The 3 variations of composting systems are:

  1. Above Platform
  2. Below Platform
  3. Communal-based Setups

2 and 3 can be further split into open composting systems (standard) or micro flush systems.

Grease Trap

If you plan on placing a kitchen capable of preparing solid meals (not just a wet bar or little kitchenette), then a grease trap may be essential for ticking off a box with your local council.

Grease traps are basically there to remove the contents that are flushed down the kitchen sink before they end up in your grey-water system.

If you aren’t going down the path of installing a full septic system, then this, coupled with a composting toilet and grey-water system will be the safest bet.

Toilet Options

With 3 types of composting systems available, we will outline each one to help you with your decision.

Above Platform

An above platform composting toilet is essentially a self-contained unit that holds all the contents within the unit. Despite what you are probably thinking, these units do not emit any odours.


Much easier to install as it sits on the platform (concrete slab or deck) as Opposed to having to cut through and dig a storage tank underneath.


more frequent exchanges of the compost (up to 2.5 months per change compared to the below platform models of up to 1-2 years)

The EcoLet 65a (larger storage)

The EcoLet 25a (smaller storage)

ecoflo, Ecoflo

Below Platform and Communal

A below platform composting toilet is essentially a split unit that drops the contents into an under-platform storage. Can be used with either an open composting or a micro flush toilet.


set and forget which means that it requires very minimal ongoing maintenance.

designed to ensure that you are only handling composted material (NOT WASTE)


More expensive upfront.

Requires a penetration through the platform and sufficient space to store the under-platform storage.

CM8 Composting Solution

The communal version is basically just a wider storage tank underneath that can cater for more toilets and urinals.

CM14 Communal Composting Solution

ecoflo, Ecoflo

Open Composting


Microflush Toilets


With the below platform models (including communal) you can select between an open composting toilet or a micro flush toilet.

Open Composting Toilet:

The standard “drop” toilet that you first think of when you think about composting toilets. There are varying levels and luxuries of these toilets but basically these are chutes that fall through the platform and into its storage.

Micro flush toilet:

A bit of a hybrid between a conventional flush toilet and a composting toilet. This style still feeds into your composting storage but includes a flush (around 500ml) that helps to bring moisture into your storage tank. Also consider that most of your guests will be used to a flushing system.