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Prepare your Glamp Site

The first step in constructing a King Dome is to prepare the intended site. A solid location is essential for ensuring the popularity, longevity and future-proofing of your King Dome. The first question to ask is, “Do I want my King Dome to sit on a concrete slab or a deck?” The following section will assist you with working out the best choice for your circumstance.

Selecting the ideal site

Access to Site

It is one thing for guests to be able to access (though be mindful of small 2WD vehicles and even motorbikes for the weekender guest), but be mindful that barrowing loads of concrete or heavy bearers to a remote site on a small beaten track may be a pain in the ass because sufficient access wasn’t made for vehicles (think trailers and trucks).

You will also need to remember that you and/or your cleaners will need to service this after a client has left (you definitely do not want to be lugging clean, white towels and vacuum cleaners through the bush on a wet and muddy day).

Prepare your glamp site, Prepare your Glamp Site

Service Locations

Think water tank positioning (is there a suitable, flat spot to sit the tank as well as can it be gravity fed either to the dome or to the tank from the water collection point) as well as solar panel placement. Does the intended spot get sufficient light? Most solar companies suggest pointing your panels North. Is this achievable? Remember that the Summer and Winter sun have different positions throughout the year.

Are there any obstacles in between the panels and the sun. We have chatted with a few companies that now suggest (depending on the number of panels that you have) it is more ideal in certain circumstances to point both East and West (50/50) to get the most of the morning and afternoon sun (as well as getting amore consistent charge throughout the day, especially if it has been cloudy or raining throughout).

Prepare your glamp site, Prepare your Glamp Site

Ground Quality

Is the site on harder ground or is it soft and susceptible to undermining, sinking or eroding? Does this mean that you have to dig to ensure you hit harder ground? What sort of material is it? 

Prepare your glamp site, Prepare your Glamp Site

Amount of Sun Exposure in Summer and Winter

Our King Domes provide multiple accessories as standard to ensure a moderated temperature throughout the year. Be mindful however that our King Domes have their limitations in the harsh summer heat. We suggest that it is best to avoid facing the large bay window to the afternoon Summer sun as (with any window) draws heat into the structure (great for winter, not so much for Summer).

Stagnant heat is what keeps the interior hot in your mid 30°+ days so any means of pushing this air through our various vents/windows/doors is the most ideal. This can be as simple as opening windows/doors but can also be fans or even A/C systems.

Prepare your glamp site, Prepare your Glamp Site

Water runoff and Gradient of land

Does the water run from the site or does it pool at the site area? Is the gradient too steep to excavate effectively for a concrete slab without immense safety precautions including relevant drainage, vast retaining walls etc? (pick a deck if this is the case)

Prepare your glamp site

Trees and vegetation

Trees are great to add a sense of drama as well as shade both inside and out. Saying that though, being Aussie trees, we have 2 major issues to consider, widow makers and bush fires. Though the cover and frame can withstand immense blunt force impact, sharp objects can definitely penetrate the cover. Have this in mind when you are thinking about the positoning of the dome. 

Prepare your glamp site

Views from your King Dome

This is an important one for your guests. Do you want your guests facing the sunrise/sunset? Does the site have a perfect view from the bay window and/or outdoor space? If the position of the dome’s accessories from our template range (King Dome/Knight Dome Range), then we do also offer a custom route to ensure the maximal viewing from the interior of the dome.

Prepare your glamp site, Prepare your Glamp Site

Ready to move on?

It is time to select the right foundation/platform

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