7m King Setup Package


Experience the ultimate in convenience and style with the 7m King’s Setup Package from Kingdomes. This all-inclusive package not only delivers our spacious 7m King Dome but also includes a custom-engineered platform and professional installation, all for just $28,999—only $9,000 more than the dome alone. The package offers significant savings and ease, eliminating the hassle of coordinating multiple contractors. With features like air-cell insulation, energy-efficient solar fans, and optional enhancements such as skylights and chimney ports, this package provides everything you need for a luxurious, ready-to-use living or working space.

Ideal for those seeking a streamlined yet customizable solution, the 7m King’s Setup Package ensures that your new dome is installed to perfection on a stable foundation, tailored precisely to your King Dome. Whether it’s for a personal home, wellness retreat, or unique accommodation offering, this package allows you to enjoy a beautifully designed space that combines modern amenities with effortless elegance.

With over 38m² of floorspace and a 4 metre roof height to play with, the 7m King Dome has enough space to fit a bathroom, kitchen, entertainment space and master bedroom.

This template offers all our premium features as standard to ensure that you and your guests enjoy year-round comfort, no matter the use. These include:

  • standard “air-cell” insulation
  • curtains & curtain rails.
  • 1x solar extraction fans
  • 4x porthole windows
  • 3x ventilation ports
  • lockable door

7m King Dome

Introducing our 7m King Dome, our mid-tier level size for high-quality glamping accommodation. With enough size to fit an en-suite, bedroom, kitchenette and seating area, this is the perfect size for those seeking glamping while bringing an abundance of modern day amenities to ensure resort-style accommodation surrounded by nature. This template offers all our premium features as standard to ensure that you and your guests enjoy year-round comfort, no matter the use. These include:
  • standard "air-cell" insulation
  • curtains & curtain rails.
  • 1x solar extraction fans
  • 4x porthole windows
  • 3x ventilation ports
  • lockable door
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7m King’s Setup Package: Elegant, Effortless, Essential

Embrace the Full Potential of Your Space with the 7m King’s Setup Package

Designed for those who value both sophistication and simplicity, our 7m King’s Setup Package offers the perfect combination of luxury, convenience, and functionality. This all-inclusive package ensures that from the moment you decide to expand your lifestyle, every detail is handled with precision and care by Kingdomes Leisure.

Package Inclusions:

7m King Dome: A spacious dome featuring:

  • Air-cell insulation for optimal thermal comfort.
  • Curtains with rails for privacy and adjustable natural lighting.
  • Energy-efficient solar extraction fan for maintaining a comfortable indoor climate.
  • A lockable door and ventilated porthole windows for security and airflow.
  • The ability to add optional features such as a Central Skylight, Chimney Port, and additional doors to enhance your living experience.

Custom Platform:

  • Specifically engineered to support the 7m King Dome, this platform includes all necessary materials and hardware.
  • Includes auger hire for one day and concrete (approximately 1 cubic meters), ensuring a stable and level foundation.
  • Designed to elevate your dome up to 600mm off the ground, with two entrance steps included for easy access.

Professional Installation:

  • Expert assembly and installation of your 7m King Dome on the custom platform, performed by our certified installation team.

Why Choose the 7m King’s Setup Package?

  • Seamless Integration: From the initial design to the final installation, every aspect is managed by our team, allowing you to enjoy a hassle-free setup.
  • Cost Efficiency: The package price offers considerable cost savings, eliminating the need to coordinate and pay separately for construction and installation services.
  • Customization and Flexibility: Tailor your space to meet your specific needs with our range of optional add-ons and expert design consultation.

Transform Your Environment: The 7m King’s Setup Package is perfect for individuals, families, or businesses looking for a premium, ready-to-use space that embodies elegance and efficiency.

4 Metres

Height at its peak

2-4 days

Estimated Build Time

3-5 days

Platform Install (approx)


Interior Floorspace

Dome Features

Frame:                            Powder Coated Steel.
Cover:                             Highly Durable PVC.
Insulation:                      Reflective Insulative System faced with a Knitted Polyester Fabric.
Door:                               Lockable, Frosted Tempered Glass.
Curtains:                         Blackout properties, glides easily on rails fixed to the curvature of the dome.
Press Bars:                     Seals cover to foundation & around doorway, keeps insects & water out.
1 x Large Bay Window: Largest clear section of the PVC cover.
4 x Porthole Window:   Tempered Glass with aluminium frame.
1 x Solar Fan:                 Extracts hot air from dome. On/Off switch, AC adaptor.
3 x Ventilation Ports:    Additional ventilation for increased air circulation.

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for the 7m King’s Setup Package

1. Package Inclusions:

  • 7m King Dome: Includes standard features such as air-cell insulation, curtains with curtain rails, solar extraction fans, lockable door, and ventilated porthole windows.
  • Custom Platform: Includes one-day auger hire, 1 cubic meters of concrete depending on the site evaluation, and all required materials and hardware. The platform is designed to support the 7m King Dome, accommodating up to 600mm off the ground with two entrance steps.
  • Professional Installation: Covers the setup and installation of the 7m King Dome and platform by Kingdomes Leisure’s certified team.

2. Additional Charges:

  • Structural Modifications: Requests for external deck extensions, platforms exceeding 600mm in height, or more than two entrance steps will incur additional charges based on materials and labor required.
  • Custom Add-Ons: Charges for optional add-ons such as a Central Skylight, Chimney Port, additional doors, or color changes for insulation, curtains, and cover are not included in the base package price and will be billed according to our standard rates.

3. Installation and Site Requirements:

  • Site Preparation: Customer is responsible for ensuring the installation site is accessible and clear of obstructions prior to installation. Any necessary site preparation not covered under standard installation may require additional charges.
  • Permits and Regulations: Customer is responsible for obtaining any necessary permits or ensuring compliance with local regulations prior to installation. Kingdomes Leisure is not responsible for delays or additional costs due to permit issues or regulation non-compliance.

4. Warranty and Liability:

  • Warranty: The 7m King Dome has a warranty of 5 years for the frame, cover, and insulation. The porthole window and solar extraction fan has a warranty of 2 years.
  • Liability: Kingdomes is not liable for any damage or injury caused by improper use, natural disasters, or lack of maintenance by the customer.

7. Agreement:

  • Acceptance: By purchasing the 7m King’s Setup Package, the customer agrees to the terms and conditions outlined herein and in our standard T&Cs.

Please check out our full Terms & Conditions.


Shipping Info

Calculation of shipping costs will vary dependant on the following:

  • Location
  • Picking up from nearest port/ allocated collection depot (cheaper option) or delivered to your door (easier option for you but more expensive)
  • Number of domes ordered
  • Total size of order (dome size + additional options and extras)

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Payment Options

Being a small business, we can’t deny that getting paid upfront is AMAZING but we do also provide pay instalments via bank transfers which are structured as follows:

  • 50% deposit upon date of sale
  • remaining balance (including shipping) to be paid prior to delivery

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