7m King Dome


Introducing our 7m King Dome, our mid-tier level size for high-quality glamping accommodation. With enough size to fit an en-suite, bedroom, kitchenette and seating area, this is the perfect size for those seeking glamping while bringing an abundance of modern day amenities to ensure resort-style accommodation surrounded by nature.

This template offers all our premium features as standard to ensure that you and your guests enjoy year-round comfort, no matter the use. These include:

  • standard “air-cell” insulation
  • curtains & curtain rails.
  • 1x solar extraction fans
  • 4x porthole windows
  • 3x ventilation ports
  • lockable door

Outer Cover Colour

The standard cover colour is white. Any other choice of colour will incur a $500 fee.

Curtain Colour

The standard curtain colour is dark grey. Any other choice of colour will incur a $250 fee.

Insulation Colour

The standard insulation colour is course light grey. Any other choice of colour will incur a $250 fee.

Bay Window Position

When you walk through your 7m King Dome's door, do you want the bay window to be on the left or right hand side? Bay window position marked in LIGHT BLUE.

7m Platform & Install Upgrade

Upgrade your King Dome with our Setup Package, which includes a tailored platform and professional installation to enhance stability and aesthetics. This comprehensive upgrade simplifies the setup process, transforming your dome into a luxurious and functional space suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

7m King Dome
7m Platform & Install Upgrade $9,000.00

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7m King Dome – The Spacious Sanctuary: Bringing Home-like Comfort to the Great Outdoors.

What it can fit:

The 7m King Dome is the perfect ‘all-round’ self-contained glamping accommodation. With the ability to fit a bedroom space, kitchenette, en-suite, seating area, fireplace and potentially a 2-person dining table. There is enough roof height if you want to go up as well and add a 2nd bedroom upstairs. This is thanks to our 7m being 4m tall.


The 7m King Dome is versatile and spacious, offering separate sleeping and living areas. It can accommodate a small family or a group of friends with relative comfort. Or, for most of our clients, ultimate couples glamping luxury. The extra space allows for more customization and personalization. We say that the 7m is the perfect “true glamping style” size, offering all the luxury amenities while still immersed in the natural surroundings in a cosy vibe.


As the dome size increases, so does the upfront cost and. Also, larger domes may be harder to heat efficiently in colder weather, requiring a larger heater, fireplace or A/C unit. The other cons depends on the scale you would like the kitchen and bathroom to be. If you’d prefer a full kitchen and bathroom rather than an en-suite and kitchenette, then a 7m King Dome may end up feeling too cramped. Consider an 8 or even 10m King Dome if you want this instead.

How to turn the con into a pro:

Con: Higher cost and maintenance, more energy to heat/cool. You might want to invest in energy-efficient appliances and lighting in your 7m King Dome to help cut down on ongoing expenses and energy consumption (especially when off-grid). Regular maintenance checks can also prevent larger issues and costs down the line. As for the initial building cost, remember that this is an investment in comfort and space, which can enhance the overall glamping experience and potentially draw more interest if you’re renting it out. You buy a glamping dome for the high ROI and uniqueness that it brings, ensuring that you stand out from the crowd.

4 Metres

Height at its peak

3-5 days

Estimated Build Time


Approximate Weight


Interior Floorspace


Frame:                            Powder Coated Steel.
Cover:                             Highly Durable PVC.
Insulation:                      Reflective Insulative System faced with a Knitted Polyester Fabric.
Door:                               Lockable, Frosted Tempered Glass.
Curtains:                         Blackout properties, glides easily on rails fixed to the curvature of the dome.
Press Bars:                     Seals cover to foundation & around doorway, keeps insects & water out.
1 x Large Bay Window: Largest clear section of the PVC cover.
4 x Porthole Window:   Tempered Glass with aluminium frame.
1 x Solar Fan:                 Extracts hot air from dome. On/Off switch, AC adaptor.
3 x Ventilation Ports:    Additional ventilation for increased air circulation.

Tech Specs


Dome Diameter:            Ø7m
Roof Height:                    4.05m
Floor Area:                      38.5m²
Dome Volume:               112.7 m³
Weight:                             ≈600kg



Description:                    Hot-rolled seamless steel pipe
Surface finish:                Powder coated
Steel Type:                      Q235
Yield Strength:               235Mpa
Elongation:                     25%



Material:                        Dual layered PVC coated synthetic fibre cloth, tarpaulin.
Thickness:                     0.76mm
Weight:                          Coloured Material- 850g/m2
Transparent Material- 950g/m2
Tear Strength:               Longitude/Latitude – 462/348 N
Peeling Strength:          Longitude/Latitude – 118/116 N/5cm
Applicable Temperature:-30 to 70ºC
Properties:                     100% Waterproof, UV resistant, mould resistant, fire retardant, blackout properties.



Material:            Tempered Glass with Aluminium Frame
Size:                    Single Door Frame Dimensions
Height: 2100mm
Width: 900mm

Features:           Frosted Glass
Lockable door with spare keys
Door opens outwards
Fly screen with magnetic strip



Material:             Layered aluminium foil bubble insulation, PVDF coated, highly reflective and faced with a Knitted Polyester Fabric.
Thickness:          8mm
Properties:         Designed to trap the heat between the PVC cover and the insulation which is a 50-70mm thick cavity. Used in conjunction with our solar fan to extract the air out of this cavity we can achieve an efficient Reflective Insulative System.



Material:             Knitted Polyester Fabric
Features:            The curtain set includes 2 curtains (left & right) + pelmet
2 curtain rails (Top and mid-height) fixes the curtains to the curvature of the dome.
Style:                   Pinch Pleated Curtains with Pelmet



Output:                                      18W 18V 1A
Solar Panel Size:                       354 x 354 x 4.5
Package Size:                            650 x 650 x 340mm
Brushless Motor Speed:          777RPM
Air Flow:                                     1378CMH
Air Duct Dia. Ø:                         14” (368mm)
Features:                                    Extracts hot air from the dome. AC/DC Power Adaptor with On/Off Switch



Material:                         PVC – Built into the cover
Window Size:                 Varies depending on dome size
Features:                        Fly screen, Velcro Seal.
Rolls up and uses 2 straps to hold open.



Material:                          Window Frame – Aluminium
Glass – Tempered Glass, 6mm thick, slightly tinted.
Window Size:                 Ø480mm
Features:                        This window can be locked in the open position at any angle.



Material:              Aluminium Alloy
Purpose:             Used to anchor the dome to your foundation.



Material:             Aluminium
Features:            2 piece – Press Plate & Cover (cover clips on after fixing press plates)
Seals the PVC cover to the foundation & around the doorway. Prevents insects and water from entering the dome



Material:             Aluminium alloy tubing.
Ø4m – Ø6m domes use:        Circular Hollow Section (CHS)
Ø7m – Ø10m domes use:       Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS)
Features:            Uses threaded J-Hooks to fix and tension the cover to the Anchor Plates



Exterior Hardware:        All hardware exposed to the elements are made of aluminium or stainless steel.
Interior Hardware:         All hardware sheltered by the cover is hot dipped galvanised steel, aluminium, or stainless steel.

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  • Total size of order (dome size + additional options and extras)

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