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Introduction to Glamping in Australia 2023


Welcome to the land where the great outdoors gets a fancy makeover – this is glamping in Australia. It’s what happens when the rugged bush meets a five-star hotel, and frankly, it’s as brilliant as a cold one on a scorching day. We’re about to embark on a journey through the glamping trend in Oz and figure out why glamping domes are becoming more popular as a luxury, year-round outdoor stay.

In this blog piece, we uncover what glamping actually is, the forward trend of glamping in Australia, the demographic that like to go glamping, as well as suggestions and considerations when creating your very own glamping accommodation business.

Let’s get started shall we?

Glamping in Australia, Glamping in Australia 2023: Discover the Latest Trends in Outdoor Luxury

What is Glamping?

I’m guessing that because you’ve clicked on this blog piece, that you are already pretty familiar with glamping and what exactly it is. So let me just lay down the overall vision to paint a nice picture for you.

Picture this: You’re out in the wild, the stars above you brighter than the Sydney Harbour on New Year’s Eve. But instead of waking up on the ground with a sore back and a spider for a roommate, you’re stretching out on a king-size bed, with nothing but the sound of kookaburras breaking the silence. That’s glamping for you – camping, but with a golden touch. It’s for those who reckon that enjoying the great outdoors shouldn’t mean sacrificing a hot shower and a decent cuppa.

Glamping’s as diverse as Australia itself. You’ve got your bell tents, safari tents, yurts, and of course, the increasingly popular domes – each offering a different way to say “cheers” to the great outdoors without bidding farewell to comfort.

There are different levels of glamping accommodation and that is determined by the structure you select, the budget you have and the imagination to bring it all together.

Glamping in Australia, Glamping in Australia 2023: Discover the Latest Trends in Outdoor Luxury

The Australian Glamping Industry: 

A Growing Trend

global glamping market is estimated to reach $4.8 billion by 2025

Australia’s diverse landscapes and love for outdoor activities have created a thriving market for glamping experiences. From the lush rainforests of Queensland to the dramatic coastline of Victoria and the striking landscapes of the Northern Territory, glamping options are popping up across the nation, catering to various budgets and tastes.

The glamping industry in Australia has undergone significant evolution in the last year or two, reflecting a global trend towards more luxurious and eco-friendly outdoor experiences. As of 2023, the global glamping market is estimated to reach $4.8 billion by 2025, underscoring the rapid growth and potential of this sector​​. Specifically, in Australia, there are over 2,100 glamping sites, illustrating the country’s vibrant and expansive glamping industry, which harmonizes luxury with nature​​.

Glamping in Australia

consumers are shifting towards unique, eco-conscious, and wellness-oriented travel experiences

The latest trends in Australian glamping include a strong emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly practices, as evidenced by the increasing adoption of measures like using renewable energy and minimizing waste by glamping operators​​. Another notable trend is the preference for remote and secluded locations, where glampers can disconnect from the digital world and immerse themselves in tranquillity​​. Wellness and spa experiences have also gained popularity, offering guests restorative and rejuvenating activities in nature​​.

Unique accommodations, are a key part of the glamping experience, providing a blend of luxury and uniqueness​​. These trends are not just about the aesthetics or location of glamping; they also reflect a broader shift in consumer preferences towards unique, eco-conscious, and wellness-oriented travel experiences.

Glamping in Australia, Glamping in Australia 2023: Discover the Latest Trends in Outdoor Luxury

average occupancy rate for glamping retreats typically falls within 60-80%

In terms of industry performance, the average occupancy rate for glamping retreats typically falls within 60-80% (though we have seen even higher), a range that highlights the popularity and success of glamping as a travel option​​. Additionally, the revenue per available tent, cabin, or dome is an important metric for understanding the financial performance and efficiency of the accommodations, though benchmarks for this can vary significantly based on various factors including location, amenities, privacy and target market​​.

Specific statistics are hard to come by in Australia when it comes to glamping, as it is still quite a niched industry. My recommendation here is to find an Aussie glamping provider that you like the look, vibe and/or size of and check their nightly rates and how often they are booked out. It’s not a perfect solution but gives you an idea at least.


Glamping in Australia, Glamping in Australia 2023: Discover the Latest Trends in Outdoor Luxury

Aussies are taking more vacations for less time.

Apart from COVID, screwing around with the statistic of domestic travel, we had seen a steady rise in Aussies taking more vacations for less time. This means that we much prefer to take 3-7 days off (so realistically only 1-5 work days off) several plus times per year as apposed to the 2-4 week holidays 1-2 times per year. This aligns perfectly with the glamping model as the average duration of a stay is between 2-3 nights per visit.

Our recommendation for this is to have various itineraries of different lengths, that target different demographics. Some people may want to go to National Parks in the area and go on hiking adventures while others may want to stroll around a winery and eat some fine foods. There are limitless ways to entertain your guests both on and off your property. This is not to say that all your guests will want to do these activities (some may just want to stay on-site and forget the stresses of life, which is totally understandable). Just having the options there, is a great way to get booked up more often.


Glamping in Australia, Glamping in Australia 2023: Discover the Latest Trends in Outdoor Luxury

Millenials are the largest client base, followed by baby-boomers

It also seems to be the millennials who are the largest client base when it comes to booking glamping accommodation, with baby boomers not too far behind. Consider this when designing your glamping site.  What do these demographics want out of their glamping experience?

These statistics and trends paint a comprehensive picture of the glamping industry in Australia, demonstrating its growth, diversity, and the evolving preferences of consumers. As the industry continues to expand, it offers numerous opportunities for businesses and a unique travel experience for consumers seeking comfort, sustainability, and a connection with nature.

Glamping in Australia, Glamping in Australia 2023: Discover the Latest Trends in Outdoor Luxury

5 main trends for 2023

for glamping in Australia

1. The rise of experiential tourism

More travellers are seeking unique, immersive experiences that allow them to connect with their surroundings on a deeper level. Glamping offers the perfect balance of adventure and indulgence, making it an attractive choice for experience-driven travellers.

2. Growing demand for eco-friendly travel

As awareness of the environmental impact of tourism increases, travellers are seeking sustainable, eco-friendly accommodation options. Glamping sites often boast a lower environmental footprint compared to traditional hotels and resorts, making them an appealing choice for eco-conscious travellers.

3. Off-the-Grid Escapes

More and more folks are looking to unplug and unwind, far from the hustle and bustle of the 21st century. Remote glamping spots are popping up all over, offering digital detoxes and a chance to really connect with the land.

4. Culinary Delights

Forget beans over a campfire. These glamping spots are serving up gourmet grub that’d give a city restaurant a run for its money. Local produce, fresh seafood, bush tucker – it’s a feast for the senses.

5. The influence of social media

The picturesque nature of glamping sites, along with their unique structures and stylish interiors, make them highly shareable on social media platforms such as Instagram. This has contributed to the growing popularity of glamping, as travellers are inspired by the stunning images they see online.

Types and Levels of Glamping

From Basic Bell Tents to Luxurious Eco-Resorts

Basic Glamping: The No-Fuss Nature Escape

At the more basic end, you have glamping setups that are a far cry from wrestling with a tent in the dark. Think bell tents kitted out with real beds, outdoor seating areas, and a trusty BBQ for cooking up a storm. These setups often include a camping-style bathroom area, offering a taste of the outdoors without all the hassle. It’s for those who want to say g’day to the great outdoors, but goodnight to the backaches from a blow-up mattress.

Glamping in Australia

High-End Glamping: Eco-Resort Extravagance

Then there’s the high-end stuff. We’re talking luxury eco-resorts hidden away in the bush, where the only thing ‘camping’ about it is the setting. These places are decked out with full kitchens, en-suite bathrooms, bedrooms with all the trimmings, air-conditioning for those scorching Aussie days, and wood-fire stoves for the nippy nights. Picture outdoor seating areas perfect for sipping a local Shiraz, hot tubs under the stars, outdoor baths, and fire pits for late-night yarns.

This isn’t just camping with a bit of gloss. It’s a five-star hotel under a million stars. High-end glamping spots are sought after by those willing to shell out $500+ per night for secluded luxury. They’re chasing comfort, fine food and drinks, entertainment, and privacy – and they’re happy to pay top dollar for it.

Glamping in Australia, Glamping in Australia 2023: Discover the Latest Trends in Outdoor Luxury

Return on investment: the high-end advantage

When it comes to ROI, our experience, backed by discussions at industry conferences and market research, suggests that the investment in high-end glamping pays off handsomely. Yes, the initial setup costs might make your wallet wince, but the demand is there – and so is the willingness to pay premium prices. Unlike basic glamping, where guests are looking for a step up from traditional camping, the high-end market seeks an experience that rivals top-tier hotels.

Glamping in Australia

It’s all about the experience

But here’s the thing – it’s not just about plush pillows and gourmet brekkies. People are seeking experiences, something beyond the concrete and glass of city life. They want to create memories, whether that’s feeding cows and horses, plucking fruit straight from the tree, or planting seeds. It’s about getting back to basics but in a way that feels special and unique.

Why would someone choose a high-end glamping site over a Hilton hotel? Because it’s not just a stay – it’s an adventure. It’s the chance to disconnect from the daily grind and connect with nature and loved ones. It’s about the smell of eucalyptus, the sound of the bush, and the taste of food cooked over an open flame.

Glamping in Australia, Glamping in Australia 2023: Discover the Latest Trends in Outdoor Luxury

To Summarise

To summarise, glamping in Australia offers a spectrum of experiences. From the basic, where the charm lies in its simplicity, to the high-end, where luxury meets the wilderness. The key is understanding that, regardless of the level of luxury, glamping is about crafting memorable experiences. It’s about offering something unique – a chance to escape, explore, and enjoy the Aussie bush in a way that resonates with each guest, whether they’re after a simple retreat or opulent seclusion.

Glamping in Australia

Glamping Domes from Kingdomes

Dive into Their Multifaceted Benefits

When it comes to glamping, domes are the unsung heroes, offering a unique blend of durability, versatility, and style. Let’s take a closer look at why our structures are more than just a pretty face in the world of luxury camping. (in our totally shameless attempt at talking up our domes)

Durability: Built to Weather the Storm

One of the standout features of glamping domes is their robustness. Designed to withstand the often harsh and unpredictable Australian climate, our domes are tough cookies. They hold their own against high winds, storms, hail, and whatever else Mother Nature throws their way. With a lifespan of 8-15 years before even needing to think about replacing the cover, they’re more enduring than a cricket match on a hot summer’s day.

Range of Sizes: From Cozy retreats to communal hubs

Size does matter when it comes to glamping domes. They come in a range of sizes, catering to various needs – from compact units ideal for a couples’ retreat to larger structures that can serve as communal areas, yoga studios, or wellness spaces. Imagine a dome big enough to host a gathering of your nearest and dearest, all while being surrounded by the serenity of the Aussie bush. It’s like having your cake and eating it too.

Cost to Size Ratio: More bang for your buck

In the world of glamping accommodations, domes are like finding a pearl in an oyster. The cost to size ratio is a major drawcard. For the space and durability they offer, these structures are surprisingly cost-effective. You’re essentially getting a luxury accommodation option without having to sell a kidney.

Customisation: Your Dome, Your Way

Starting with a blank canvas, glamping domes are a dream for those who want to stamp their personality on their space. Whether you’re aiming for rustic charm, boho chic, or sleek modernity, these domes can be decked out to reflect your style and vibe. The interior fit-outs, styles, and accessories can all be tailored to your vision – it’s like playing The Sims in real life, but better.

Ease of Maintenance: Low Fuss, High Reward

Nobody wants to spend their time fussing over maintenance, and thankfully, with glamping domes, you don’t have to. Easy to clean and maintain, they’re about as low maintenance as a pet rock (okay, not quite, but you get the picture). This means more time creating the ultimate guest experience and less time worrying about upkeep.

Unique Aesthetic Appeal: Stand out from the Crowd

Our domes definitely stand out with their futuristic design – all sleek lines and curves. It’s like stepping into another world, where nature meets modernity. The perfect “for the ’gram” style. One of the best parts of our job is when our client walks into their dome for the first time and just say “WOW” imagine that every time you show your guests to their accommodation for the weekend.

Comfort & Luxury

Inside these domes, you’ll find comforts that would make a city hotel blush. We’re talking plush beds, luxury linens, ensuite bathrooms, and sometimes even a minibar. It’s the kind of place where you can gaze at the stars in comfort, without worrying about creepy crawlies joining you.

Conclusion: The case for Choosing Kingdomes

In summary, glamping domes from Kingdomes are the full package. They offer a unique combination of durability, versatility, cost-effectiveness, and customization. Whether you’re looking to create a quaint glamping retreat or a full-fledged eco-resort, our domes provide a practical, stylish, and memorable way to experience the beauty of Australia’s natural landscape. In the realm of glamping, they’re not just a trend – they’re a game-changer, providing an unparalleled blend of comfort, style, and connection with nature.

Glamping in Australia

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