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With 5 sizes to choose from, it may be hard to make a choice on which of Our Range works for you. This page will hopefully assist you in that decision making process. There are also some example floorplans and downloadable content to view at the bottom of the page.

The Compact Glamper: Small in Size, Big on Charm and Affordability

The 5m King Dome, with 19.6m² floor space, is reminiscent of a cosy, intimate hideaway. This is the minimalistic glamping experience, ideal for those who prefer to spend most of their time outdoors, exploring and adventuring, but who also want a comfortable and secure place to rest at night.

The Happy Medium: Not Too Big, Not Too Small, Just the Right Dose of Luxury

Our 6m King Dome, with 28.3m² of space, is a step up in size and amenities from the 5m dome. This dome is versatile enough to cater to different glamping needs, offering a balance of comfort and functionality.

The Spacious Sanctuary: Bringing Home-like Comfort to the Great Outdoors

The 7m King Dome, with 38.5m² of space, leans more towards comfort and spaciousness. It is ideal for families or friends who desire separate sleeping areas and a few extra amenities.

The Grand Glamper: For Those Who Desire Space, Comfort, and a Touch of Luxury

The 8m King Dome, offering 50.4m² of interior floor space, is for the more high-end glamper. This dome size can comfortably house all the essentials for a longer stay, providing an experience that combines the joys of camping with the comforts of home.

The Regal Retreat: Embodying Grandeur, Luxury, and Spaciousness in Glamping

Our 10m King Dome, providing a generous 78.6m² of space, is the ultimate glamping experience. This dome is perfect for larger families or groups, or those who wish to enjoy a luxurious experience without sacrificing the unique charm of dome living.

Example Floorplans

With 5 sizes to choose from, it may be hard to make a choice on which of Our Range works for you. The following floorplans are “to scale” plans for each of the 5 sizes we offer. These examples give you an idea as to what can fit inside.

Click on the image below to zoom into each floorplan

Where to next?

Whether you still need extra help deciding on your ideal size of if you want to get creative and begin creating your own floorplans, check out the download buttons below to assist you further.

Printable plans: when viewing or printing these PDF’s, please remember to set the size to “Actual Size” to ensure the sizes are to scale with each other.

Still undecided?

Check out our King Dome Size Comparison Guide

Size Comparison

want to be creative?

why not create your own floorplans?


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