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Glamping has become increasingly popular over the years as people are wanting that hotel and home feel while enjoying the adventure recreation of camping out in the bush.

So, what is glamping?

According to the oxford dictionary, “glamping is a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping”. Glamping is where nature blends with modern comfort. To go into a little more detail about the difference between camping and glamping. Camping you usually pack your own tent and pitch it in the middle of nowhere and hope it won’t leak if it rains, and glamping you pull up to a specific location that already has accomodation and there you will find a framed structure with all the required amenities for example, electricity and running water. It’s just like a tiny home but MUCH cheaper 😉

What is glamping?, What is glamping?

What is the history of glamping?

The word glamping, meaning glamorous camping, first turned up in 2005 in the UK and was later in 2016 added to the oxford dictionary. In the 16th century a duke pitched tents and filled them all with the same type of furniture and facilities as his home palace to accommodate King James V and his mother. A few hundred years later in roughly the 1920s the wealthy Americans and British started getting really into African safari due to them having more of a homely and luxurious feel rather than pitching a tent and sleeping on the floor.

The modern equivalent of glamping requires a bit of yesterday’s amenities and a bit of today’s technology. Glamping structures come in several designs such as safari tents, pods, bell tents, yurts, tipis, tree houses, pods, vintage caravans, vintage trailers and of course our domes.