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King Dome Size Comaprison

With 5 sizes on offer it may be difficult to choose the right King dome for you. So we have compiled some information in this King Dome Size Comparison Guide to help you choose your next King Dome

dome size comparison

Quick Rundown:

Diameter: Height: Interior Space(m²): What can fit inside?


5m 2.9m 19.6m² Queen bed, cosy seating area, some storage and a wet bar with tea/coffee facilities, bench space and mini fridge.  A small bathroom can replace the seating area inside.
6m 3m 28.3m² Queen/king bed with side tables, 2-person seating area with coffee table, fireplace, storage space and either a kitchenette or en-suite.
7m 4m 38.5m² Bedroom space, kitchenette, en-suite, seating area, fireplace and potentially a 2-person dining table. There is enough height to have 2nd storey for a bedroom.
8m 4.7m 50.3m² Everything that can fit in the 7m can fit in the 8m but bigger and better. A mezzanine or loft space can be built quite comfortably into an 8m King Dome
10m 5m 78.6m² We compare this size to a 2-bedroom luxury apartment.


Summary for each size we offer:

5m King Dome: This cozy, intimate size is ideal for the minimalist glamper who values simplicity and intimacy. Its small size is cost-effective, easy to maintain, and quick to heat/cool. Although space can be limited, the use of multifunctional or foldable furniture and smart storage solutions can help maximize the interior, making it a perfect choice for couples or friends who value the great outdoors over indoor amenities.

6m King Dome: This size strikes a balance between compact efficiency and added luxury. It can comfortably accommodate couples, offering a touch more comfort and convenience than the 5m dome. Although it might feel a bit cramped as a self-contained glamper, strategic planning and clever design can ensure that the space is used efficiently, making it a versatile choice for various glamping needs.

7m King Dome: This is the entry-level, self-contained glamper. Ideal for luxury couple’s glamping, it brings a home-like feel to the glamping experience. What we mean by self-contained is the 7m has the space to fit a bedroom, en-suite and kitchenette making it a luxurious option for a memorable glamping experience.

8m King Dome: This size offers a more luxurious/spacious glamping experience. It is large enough to house separate areas for sleeping, cooking, and lounging, creating a compact home-like feel. Intimate spaces can be created within the dome to retain a cozy atmosphere (and even a mezzanine), making it an upscale and comfortable choice for small families or groups.

10m King Dome: This size is the pinnacle of luxury glamping. It can comfortably accommodate larger families or groups and offers a grandeur unmatched by smaller domes. Design elements can be used to create intimate rooms/spaces within the dome, making it a luxurious and versatile option for an exceptional glamping experience targeting families/groups.

Compare our Sizes

5m King Dome – The Compact Glamper: Small in Size, Big on Charm and Affordability

The 5m King Dome, with 19.6m² floor space, is reminiscent of a cosy, intimate hideaway. This is the minimalistic glamping experience, ideal for those who prefer to spend most of their time outdoors, exploring and adventuring, but who also want a comfortable and secure place to rest at night.

Feel and Vibe: Inside a 5m King Dome, you’ll feel close to nature. The vibe is cosy, simple, and intimate. The smaller size makes it perfect for cuddling up with a good book or sharing secrets under the stars. This dome has just enough room for the essentials and nothing more, promoting a minimalistic, ‘less is more’ atmosphere.

What it can fit: Essentially a queen bed, 2 person seating area with coffee table, some storage for the guests and perhaps a small wet bar with tea/coffee facilities, bench space and mini fridge.  You may be able to fit a small bathroom inside but you will have to compromise on seating areas and limit it to sitting on the bed (or possibly looking at a murphy bed).

Pros: The biggest advantage of a 5m King Dome is its simplicity. It’s cost-effective, easy to maintain, and heats up quickly in colder weather due to its smaller size. Also, its smaller footprint allows it to fit into tighter spaces, providing more options for placement.

Cons: The main disadvantage of a 5m King Dome is its limited space. Fitting in additional amenities like a kitchen or bathroom might make the space feel cramped. It’s more suitable for shorter stays or for individuals and couples who don’t mind the lack of extra amenities.

How to turn the con onto a pro:

Con: Limited space

To maximize the use of space in a 5m King Dome, consider multifunctional or foldable furniture. For instance, a sofa bed can serve as both seating and a bed, and a foldable table can be packed away when not in use. Built-in storage solutions like under-bed storage or overhead cupboards can also be utilized to keep the space organized and clutter-free.

Consider that your guest may prefer cooking or bathing outside which essentially turns the 5m into a sleeping and rest area.

6m King Dome – The Happy Medium: Not Too Big, Not Too Small, Just the Right Dose of Luxury

The 6m King Dome, with 28.3m² of space, is a step up in size and amenities from the 5m dome. This dome is versatile enough to cater to different glamping needs, offering a balance of comfort and functionality.

Feel and Vibe: The 6m King Dome gives off a vibe of compact efficiency. It’s cosy, but also provides enough room to add an element of luxury such as an en-suite bathroom or a kitchenette. This size maintains the intimate feel of the smaller dome but with a touch more comfort and convenience.

What it can fit: A 6m King Dome can fit a queen/king bed with side tables, 2 person seating area with coffee table, fireplace, storage space and either a kitchenette or en-suite.

Pros: This size is still quite economical, yet provides more room for amenities. It offers a balance between affordability and comfort. A 6m dome is large enough to accommodate a couple or a young family, making it a versatile option for different types of glampers.

Cons: While offering more room, a 6m dome can still feel a bit cramped if you try to include too many amenities or accommodate too many people. It’s ideal for couples but could be tight for larger groups.

How to turn the con into a pro:

Con: Cramped with too many amenities

Strategic planning and design can help make the most of the available space in a 6m dome. For instance, instead of a full bathroom, a compact wet room might be an option. Similarly, a kitchenette could be designed to take up as little space as possible with careful placement of appliances and storage areas.

We have found that guests would prefer to have an en-suite inside the dome so an outdoor cooking facility would be beneficial in this scenario.

7m King Dome – The Spacious Sanctuary: Bringing Home-like Comfort to the Great Outdoors

The 7m King Dome, with 38.5m² of space, leans more towards comfort and spaciousness. It is ideal for families or friends who desire separate sleeping areas and a few extra amenities.

Feel and Vibe: With a 7m King Dome, you start to feel like you’re in a home away from home. There’s a sense of luxury, with room for private sleeping areas, a kitchenette, and a bathroom. The larger space allows for better separation between different areas, promoting a feeling of privacy and comfort.

What it can fit: The 7m is the perfect ‘all-round’ self-contained glamping accommodation. With the ability to fit a bedroom space, kitchenette, en-suite, seating area, fireplace and potentially a 2-person dining table. There is enough roof height if you want to go up as well and add a 2nd bedroom upstairs. This is thanks to our 7m being 4m tall.

Pros: The 7m King Dome is versatile and spacious, offering separate sleeping and living areas. It can accommodate a small family or a group of friends with relative comfort. Or, for most of our clients, ultimate couples glamping luxury. The extra space allows for more customization and personalization. We say that the 7m is the perfect “true glamping style” size, offering all the luxury amenities while still immersed in the natural surroundings in a cosy vibe.

Cons: As the dome size increases, so does the cost and maintenance. Also, larger domes may be harder to heat efficiently in colder weather, requiring a larger heater, fireplace or A/C unit. The other cons depends on the scale you would like the kitchen and bathroom to be. If a full kitchen and bathroom and kitchen rather than an en-suite and kitchenette, then consider an 8 or even 10m King Dome.

How to turn the con into a pro:

Con: Higher cost and maintenance, more energy to heat/cool.

You might want to invest in energy-efficient appliances and lighting to help cut down on ongoing expenses and energy consumption (especially when off-grid). Regular maintenance checks can also prevent larger issues and costs down the line. As for the initial building cost, remember that this is an investment in comfort and space, which can enhance the overall glamping experience and potentially draw more interest if you’re renting it out. You buy a glamping dome for the high ROI and uniqueness that it brings, ensuring that you stand out from the crowd.

dome size comparison, King Dome Size Comparison

8m King Dome – The Grand Glamper: For Those Who Desire Space, Comfort, and a Touch of Luxury

The 8m King Dome, offering 50.3m² of interior floor space, is for the more high-end glamper. This dome size can comfortably house all the essentials for a longer stay, providing an experience that combines the joys of camping with the comforts of home.

Feel and Vibe: The 8m King Dome delivers a feel of spaciousness and comfort, with a touch of luxury. You can have separate areas for sleeping, cooking, and lounging, making it feel like a compact home. The vibe is upscale, with a focus on comfort and convenience, but it still retains the unique charm of a dome structure.

What it can fit: Basically everything that can fit in the 7m can fit in the 8m but bigger and better. A mezzanine or loft space can be built quite comfortably into an 8m King Dome which expands the already large floor space without compromising on the ambience of a 4.7m tall structure.

Pros: This dome offers enough room for multiple bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a comfortable lounge area. The larger space allows for flexibility in layout and design. It’s also suitable for longer stays and families or small groups. Couples accommodation is still definitely doable with a larger array of luxuries surrounding them.

Cons: The 8m dome is more expensive to build, maintain, and heat. Its larger footprint also requires a more spacious site. Additionally, it might provide more space than necessary for couples, and may lose a bit of the intimate feel of smaller domes.

How to turn the con into a pro:

Con: More expensive, larger footprint, may lose the intimate feel

One way to offset the higher costs of an 8m King Dome is to configure and market it to larger groups (3-6 people) or as the ultimate couple’s glamping accommodation. To mitigate the loss of intimacy, consider creating cosy nooks or zones within the larger space. Curtains, room dividers, or strategically placed furniture can help create more intimate spaces within the dome.

10m King Dome – The Regal Retreat: Embodying Grandeur, Luxury, and Spaciousness in Glamping

The 10m King Dome, providing a generous 78.6m² of space, is the ultimate glamping experience. This dome is perfect for larger families or groups, or those who wish to enjoy a luxurious experience without sacrificing the unique charm of dome living.

Feel and Vibe: The 10m King Dome exudes a sense of luxury and grandeur. With multiple bedrooms, a larger bathroom, a full kitchen, and a spacious lounge area, this dome feels like a well-appointed home. However, the rounded walls and ceiling of the dome still create a unique, otherworldly atmosphere that sets it apart from traditional housing.

What it can fit: With a boastful 261m³ of interior space, we compare this size to a 2 bedroom luxury apartment. There isn’t too much that it can’t fit really.

Pros: The 10m dome offers the highest level of comfort and convenience among the dome sizes. Its large size can accommodate multiple bedrooms and spacious common areas. It’s also suitable for more luxurious amenities such as a larger kitchen and bathroom or even a hot tub.

Cons: The 10m dome is the most expensive to build, maintain, and heat. Its larger footprint also requires a spacious site, which might not be available in all locations. Despite its spaciousness, some might find it less cosy than smaller domes.

How to turn the con into a pro:

Con: Most expensive, needs a spacious site, less cosy

To make the most of a 10m dome, consider it as a unique venue for events like retreats or workshops, or even as a luxury rental. For the issue of cosiness, similar to the 8m dome, use furniture and design elements to create smaller, intimate spaces within the larger dome. The spacious site required for a 10m dome also means you’ll have more space to create an impressive outdoor area, enhancing the overall appeal of the glamping site.

General Considerations

  • Type of Guests – The choice of dome size can significantly influence the type of guests attracted to your glamping site. Smaller domes (5-7m) are ideal for individuals or couples seeking a compact and intimate experience, while larger domes (8-10m) can accommodate families or groups seeking more space and amenities. By understanding the demographics and preferences of your target market, you can select the appropriate dome sizes to cater to their needs and expectations.
  • Location – The physical characteristics and constraints of your glamping site play a vital role in determining the appropriate dome size. Smaller domes are better suited for sites with limited space or challenging terrain, while larger domes require more space but offer the potential for a more luxurious and comfortable experience. Consider factors such as the site’s size, topography, vegetation, and the desired spacing between domes when making your selection.
  • Privacy – The level of privacy offered by different dome sizes can vary. Smaller domes inherently offer more privacy due to their compact size and capacity, making them perfect for couples or solo travellers. Larger domes can accommodate more guests but require careful design and layout planning to ensure privacy. Consider factors like the dome’s placement, the use of interior and exterior privacy features, and your guests’ privacy expectations when choosing the dome size.
  • Level of Luxury – The dome size can influence the level of luxury you can offer. Smaller domes may limit the number of luxury amenities you can include but can still provide a luxurious experience with high-quality furnishings and decor. Larger domes offer more space for luxury features such as separate bedrooms, fully equipped kitchens, and spacious bathrooms. Remember that luxury isn’t just about physical comforts, but also the attention to detail and the unique experiences you can provide.
  • Number of Glamping Structures – The number of domes on your glamping site affects your choice of dome size. Smaller domes allow for efficient land use, while standardizing on a mid-sized dome simplifies planning and logistics. Offering a mix of sizes can cater to diverse guest needs and expand your market reach. Consider factors like the site’s size and the level of privacy between structures when deciding on the number of domes and their sizes.
  • Off-grid Power and Water – The dome’s size impacts the power and water requirements, especially for off-grid sites. Smaller domes require less resources, making them more sustainable and cost-effective. Larger domes need more power and water, but also offer more room for energy-efficient appliances and water-saving fixtures. Regardless of size, plan for efficient use of resources to ensure sustainability and reduce operating costs.
  • Access to Location – The dome size affects transportation and setup logistics. Smaller domes are easier to transport and set up, particularly in remote or hard-to-reach locations. Larger domes require more planning and resources for delivery and assembly. Regardless of size, work with experienced dome manufacturers and installers to ensure a smooth and successful setup.
  • Rooms Placement – The dome size affects the interior layout and room placement. Smaller domes may need multi-functional spaces, while larger domes allow for multiple separate rooms or areas. Regardless of size, careful layout planning and creative design can enhance the comfort and usability of the space for your guests.

Remember, every challenge in design can be an opportunity for creative solutions!